hi, i'm louis gan

A relaxed workaholic, who loves to drink, would be the best way to describe me in a sentence. Although contradicting, there’s a unique mix that I’ve developed that works. I’m relaxed, in the sense that I’m an easy-going person and less stuck up on things in life.

But don’t be fooled.

I hustle hard and am serious when it comes to my work and passions. Alcohol seems to be the bridge between these two contradicting forces, as well as a bridge to connect with people and things. Just like how I like to drink while shooting, it has become a way to stay relaxed and to fully immerse myself in the wedding as though I’m a guest, allowing me to capture some of my best works to date.

my story

Once upon a time I used to work in the aesthetic industry. I didn’t like the strict 9 – 5 work hours at all. For a period of time, there was a struggle between my day job and my passion for photography. There was definitely fear in leaving stability to chase the lesser-known dream. All this changed when I met my savior, mentor and friend – Mun Keat. We met at a photography workshop and became friends. At the time, photography was new to me. I would refer to Mun Keat’s photos for inspiration, and him for guidance. Not only did he give me direction, he gave me confidence. Soon after, I joined his team and the rest, as they say is history.

To not travel is like reading only one page of a book. Born in a fishing village called Sungai Lima, observing nature and things were part of life, which nurtured my passion for travel. It brings perspective, in both photography and mindset. Backpacking across various countries has made it possible for me to meet some very fascinating people, enriching my understanding of people and culture. Through perspective, I learned one of the biggest lessons in life – gratitude. Visiting places like Nepal showed me how it was possible for people to live happily despite being so poor.

Music is also an essential part of Louis Gan. From an early age of 15, I picked up a guitar and started singing and have never stopped since. When I’m not shooting, I lose myself in music as I perform for audiences at cafes and bars. It’s one of my guilty pleasures – drinking and singing.

My story wouldn’t be complete without mention of my girlfriend. Her patience, empathy and love have been some of the pillars of my life in recent years. We have opposing work schedules in that I work on most weekends while she weekdays. Despite this, she tolerates with me and is never short of showering me with support and encouragement. This blind faith has been the fuel for me to strive for the better and I guess I’m stuck with this one.

Thank for reading the story about me. Now let’s get serious!


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